Problems with your results

Schools, colleges, examiners and examination boards can make mistakes with exam results.  Schools and colleges process hundreds of entries, examiners mark thousands of scripts and examination boards process hundreds of thousands of papers every year.  The checking systems are good, but there are bound to be mistakes.

Requesting re-marks
If you think you did much better on a paper than the result you have been given you can REQUEST TO SEE THE SCRIPT and/or ASK FOR A RE-MARK.  If you make a priority script request, within a day or two you will receive a copy of the paper you wrote (with no marking or annotation) to look at, perhaps with a teacher, to decide if you want to request a re-mark.  Or, you can simply ask for a re-mark straight away.
Some things to remember here are:
  1. If your grade changes to the one you want, your uni will honour your place, but as time ticks by, clearing options are being taken up by other candidates
  2. Re-marks can go down as well as up, so its probably only worth it if either you think there has been a really travesty of marking (this happens… although it is rare, for example one year a student had their mark for one essay of 28/30 recorded as 8/30…) or if you are right on the borderline of the upper grade so that it is unlikely your grade will go down
  3. Grades usually only change by 3 or 4 marks if at all, so if you are right on the borderline, it might be worth it, if not, you might want to consider other options
  4. You will have to pay for this service
Not cashed-in
If you can see on your result slip all the individual unit marks for your subjects, but you can’t see the overall grade awarded, you may not have been “cashed-in” for the grade.  This is very easily dealt with by your school and if you have achieved the grades you need you will be accept by your university.  If you haven’t met your requirements, and want to enter clearing, this can be more challenging and you will need to contact all universities and UCAS to be RELEASED INTO CLEARING.  You may need to fax them your results and make lots of phone calls to chase up.
Grades missing
You may notice that for one or more subject, you have an X or a Q or a # next to your result.  This can indicate that some component is missing from the award of your grade.  Sometimes this may be a coursework grade or a paper you sat at a different school or any number of different things.  Speak to someone at your school or college immediately if this is the case.
Mathematical mistakes
You wouldn’t believe it, but it is worth checking that the marks you have been given for each paper add up to the final score you have been given and that the grade awarded is in line with the grade boundaries.  I have known a student be awarded a B rather than the A they deserved, just because the exam board didn’t add up the numbers properly!
For clearing go to the UCAS website – http://www.ucas.com/clearing-service

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